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A Thank You, to You

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We’re three weeks into #TheInspiredLife project, and I’m so moved by all the photos filling my Instagram feed and Tumblr. We started this project at Mottis to inspire people to find new ways of looking at the world. I knew there would be some great photos, but I’m personally blown away by how everyone’s photos are affecting me — in such a positive way.

It’s a crazy time of year, being right in the middle of the holiday madness. My Facebook feed is worn down with negative, snarky comments about the holidays and people’s disappointments with humanity. I do my best to hide those posts because I just don’t need that weighing me down. But, when I see photos from #TheInspiredLife, I’m lifted. All the photos, even of what could be the most mundane, have a positive energy behind it. Someone thought about the key word of the day and made a choice to find inspiration behind it and shot it with that inspiration in mind. Being so thoughtful and careful about what you want to share as your inspiration is powerful to me. I can feel that energy, I’m attracted to it, and it in turn lifts and inspires me.

So, thank you to all who have participated in #TheInspiredLife thus far. You change my mood. You make me look at things differently. You move and inspire me to be better. Thank you, and please, keep it coming.

Day 1 of #TheInspiredLife: Inspire by @durhamartguild

Day 1 of #TheInspiredLife: Inspire by @durhamartguild

And remember, for the first 100 participants in our 30-day challenge, we’ll donate $5 for each participant to the Durham Art Guild and Student U to support their Creative Mentorship Program. There are only 10 days left! Ready… set… go!


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