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Full-service agency and lip-smackin’ BBQ? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve been selected as one of N.C. State University’s approved media services suppliers, and we had the pleasure of introducing ourselves to N.C. State’s host of marketers and communicators last week. We also heard from the other approved vendors on the list – talk about serious talent from up and down the East Coast!

We’re pretty pumped to be on this list with the best of the best in media and creative services for one of the leading higher ed institutions. And, it’s even more awesome given the fact that 50% of us at Mottis are N.C. State grads. We’re excited to continue to bring our creativity to N.C. State since we’ve worked with them previously on branding and social media strategy for their Career Development Center (formerly the UCC) and developed collateral for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. We’re always prepared to back the Pack any way we can, from graphic design to marketing strategy and planning to barbecuing some serious pork. Really, our CFO has won the Pork Patrol twice!

Go, Pack!

3rd Annual Pork Patrol Winner, Jamie Kelly

Two-time Pork Patrol winner and Mottis CFO, Jamie Kelly

Feature Image | Sports Logos Screensavers | North Carolina State Wolfpack


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  1. Susie Mottis Crichlow said on:

    I ran across your website which I really like. But what really caught my eye was your organizations name which is my maiden name. There are very few with the Mottis name so I wondered how you selected it. Is the owner a Mottis? If yes, I would very much like to talk with him/her.

    Thank you and keep up your innovative work.

    Very truly your,

    Susie Mottis Crichlow

    • Shari said on:

      Hi, Susie. So pleased to meet another Mottis. We actually developed this name on our own two years ago when we did our own agency rebranding. The name is something we came up with to convey motion, as we’re an agency that moves our clients forward. We pronounce it with a long-o sound, like “lotus.” The spelling is interesting and unique, and it has a special meaning for our CEO.

      Thanks for taking interest in Mottis. So great to make new connections. What’s the origin of your maiden name?

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