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Big Brother, Big Data?

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Retargeting. Big data. Those were the words of the day at the Internet Summit in Raleigh.

I attended the first day of the event and had a blast. I didn’t walk away with my mind blown by new disruptive technologies or trends, but I did get some awesome nuggets of information that reinforce what we’ve been talking about at Mottis and recommending to clients.

Big Data
I had not heard this phrase used before, but it makes sense. With any and all of your marketing campaigns, you should be collecting data on response rates and your customers to determine the success of the campaign and track leads. With all this data collecting, you can get a lot of it–big data. You may or may not be swimming in a sea of data – maybe it’s just a pond. But what should you do with that data, big or small? You use it to inform your next move. This is something we can all remind ourselves from time to time. We need to get out of the habit of developing a plan, or roadmap, and just stay on that same course for the whole ride. If you’re getting valuable data along the first leg of the trip, use it to your advantage and adjust your approach to the second leg. This will ensure you’re being responsive and maximizing your ROI by making decisions not based on a hunch but an impartial data.

Highlighted speakers from the Summit

We’ve discussed retargeting with some of our clients. The biggest concerns are that it would feel too big-brother-ish or perhaps it could get annoying for customers. From the discussions during the Data-Driven Decisions panel and CMO Roundtable, retargeting is an effective way of staying top-of-mind with your audience. By retargeting, you’re serving up relevant information to your target customer rather than blasting anyone and everyone as with traditional banner advertising. Instead of this being creepy, think of it as a way of personalizing their experience with your brand.

So, what do you think about retargeting and big data? Just today’s buzzwords? Let us know if you attended the Internet Summit, I’d love to hear about your experience.


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