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On a Friday evening in December, our staff left the calming blue walls of Kelly MarCom and returned on Monday morning to sun-hot orange walls instead. In the span of a weekend, it had begun—the transformation from Kelly MarCom to Mottis was finally moving off my computer screen and beginning to take form before my eyes.

Over the next few months the renovations would require more than a few buckets of orange paint. With the help of my team, I reevaluated the space and how we, as a team, work in it. Redefining and repurposing, I adapted the space into an environment that we not only work in, but one that works for us. We created even more spaces for formal and informal team meeting and brainstorming areas.

At the core of Mottis lives a sense of movement, energy and progression. I brought these elements into the space by the application of vinyl line art and lettering on the walls and stairs. In our lobby, the words on the faces of the stairs leading to our accounts services department act as a silent mantra to those climbing them:


These are simple, straightforward statements of who we are at Mottis and what we offer our clients.

Mottis Creative Room

Mottis Creative Room

Mottis Inspiration Stairs

Inspiration Stairs

Mottis Small Conference Room

Mottis Small Conference Room

The large wall in our design department boldly and unapologetically displays lines from our company manifesto. I transformed a once plain, gray wall into a typographic delight using the foundational language of our new company to create a visual declaration of the heart of Mottis to guide us. It brings a spirited energy to our space that we previously lacked.

The dramatic changes to our office space at Mottis may seem solely cosmetic, but in reality, the space has become an unexpected motivator for our team. It now truly mirrors the bright, dynamic attitude of everyone on our team and the work we do here.


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