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Brand Development

Mottis was honored to serve as the marketing sponsor for First Night® Raleigh 2014, presented by Artsplosure. We had the important objective of incorporating the organization’s new brand look and messaging into the First Night event pieces, as this was the first event that would evoke the new organizational identity.

Artsplosure allowed our creative juices to flow when imagining and developing the festival’s campaign concept, Music Makes the World Go Round. The colors of the campaign pieces beam and swirl with various musicians, artists and foods from around the world - a collage of celebration and cheer - to bring a multi-dimensional world of emotion and culture to life.

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Advertising & Design

First Night Raleigh

Print Collection

The identity for First Night Raleigh had to be flexible to adapt easily to a host of different mediums, including print materials like ads, buttons and postcards.
First Night Raleigh

Program Guide

The festival’s program guide was a five-panel brochure that featured the festival highlights, sponsors and a map of the festival and was given to each attendee to navigate the festival with ease.
First Night Raleigh

Event Poster

The event poster was one of the largest pieces Mottis developed for the First Night Raleigh campaign, which showcased the sponsors and main attractions for the festival. Artsplosure hung the event poster around Raleigh and surrounding suburbs to promote attendance to the festival.
First Night Raleigh


Mottis designed two long-sleeved T-shirts for the festival’s volunteer and staff members.
First Night Raleigh


A complete stationary set was created for organizers to reinforce the brand with every communication to sponsors, volunteers and vendors.
First Night Raleigh


Mottis designed a billboard for the event to beacon Raleigh residents to attend the festivities.
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Video Production

Mottis partnered with Breakiron Animation&Design to create the festival’s TV spot. The experiential TV spot took the viewer downtown with various musicians, artists and foods to bring a multi-dimensional world of culture to life.