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Crowdsourcing: Discover a Planet, Revitalize Marketing

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A new planet has just been discovered, with four suns to boot!

This is exciting news for a few of us science and Star Wars buffs at Mottis.

I heard about the amateur planet hunters who made the discovery on NPR this week. In a nutshell, citizen scientists are invited to help the professional science world analyze data, such as pictures of stars. Members of Planet Hunters – average non-scientist people – examined some photos and identified a new planet with four suns – twice as many as Tatooine (circling back to the Star Wars reference for you fans out there). They’ve dubbed the planet PH1.

This is crowdsourcing at its finest.

Crowdsourcing definitely has its place, usually in technology or even design. Hearing about the discovery of PH1 reminded me how it also has a place in marketing. What better way to get people involved with your brand than inviting them to be part of it?

Crowdsourcing can be one of your best tools in generating content for social media. Invite followers to post videos to your Facebook page or to pin on your Pinterest boards. This will help save you time in figuring out when and how to create content and allow your brand followers to share stuff they think is important and meaningful.

Crowdsourcing Star Wars style – via Ogilvy Notes

Maybe your business has a blog, or perhaps you churn out a lot white papers. Use crowdsourcing as an opportunity for your audience to suggest topics or to even write some entries for you. Again, this creates fresh content for your readers. And these contributors are not only excited to spread their fame (and your message) amongst their networks, they’re also becoming invested in your brand.

Crowdsourcing is a great way to continue that two-way communication marketers strive to achieve. Sure, you may get some crazy responses, but that’s what makes the experience and your brand real. And it should be worth it to gain you valuable access to timely insight into what your customers value and also gain their loyalty in return.

Feature Image | Crowdsourcing Poster |Allesandro Giammaria


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