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Happy Hump Day – Courtesy of Geico

Written By:Mariryan

Just as we finished explaining to a client the benefits of personifying a brand in a commodity market, Geico throws us another round of creative to enjoy.

There is stopping power with a clever character or witty exchange that makes the everyday work of choosing – say an insurance company – a little more entertaining and A LOT more memorable… and that’s the point. Consider the crazy cast of characters in the insurance industry these days – Allstate’s “Mayhem” man, Progressive’s “Flo” and the Geico Gecko. Even as Geico has moved away from the gecko and cave men, they have introduced yet another odd combination with the “Happier Than” campaign. And they are sticking with it because it works.

Geico is one of the fastest growing auto insurance companies in the United States. Their latest campaign (developed by The Martin Agency) keeps reinventing all the ways to express how happy Geico customers are about saving money – Happier than a witch in a broom shop, Happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency and today in honor of Wednesday – Happier than a camel on hump day.

I’m serious. They went there. This is their newest round of humor riding on the simple message that consumers get happy saving money with Geico.

I know what you are thinking; we all love a good quirky ad, but that’s way too much money to throw away without a serious purpose. You’re right, it is. But personifying a brand or a feeling is a great method if it supports the tenets of your brand – and in this case, it can really cut through the clutter of a crowded market. The reason it works is not just because we all like to be entertained. Because while we are rolling in the aisles or sharing it with our friends on Twitter, we are forming a positive connection with a name and a brand that has made a permanent mark on the road to influencing behavior.

Well-played, Geico, well-played.


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