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Harlem Shake – When Worlds Collide

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Harlem Shake. Love it? Hate it? I'm leaning toward the latter.

Over the past few months, everyone seems to have done or is talking about the Harlem Shake, even NPR. When I saw the videos of the Harlem Shake though, I got confused because none of them looked like what P. Diddy did in the late 90s. But whatever, people seemed to have fun and everyone was doing it. And everyone was doing it more. I honestly got annoyed, but then two videos came to my attention. This: Harlem Shake – “Duck Commander/Buck Commander Edition” – YouTube. And this: Justin Timberlake Harlem Shake.

I love Duck Dynasty. And, I love Justin Timberlake. Who knew they’d have something in common like Harlem Shake.

I think a lot of companies want to create the next big thing that’s going to “go viral.” I’m not sure there is a magic elixir for things to go viral because whatever it is needs to have some kind of mass appeal. And even if it does take off, it’s usually short-lived. But, it is fun to see companies and brands, like Duck Commander, get involved and jump on the band wagon of things like Harlem Shake. Justin Timberlake, yes, I can see him doing something with Harlem Shake. But for Duck Commander, it was a surprise for me.

JTim's Harlem Shake skit on SNL

JTim’s Harlem Shake skit on SNL

It makes them feel more relatable and, in my opinion, more likable because they can just do something silly. It’s great for the Duck Commander’s brand because they are known to be quirky and the type of folks to have fun. Is this for every brand? Probably not. And this video probably irked some folks (how could they sell out like that?). But all in all, I think this is probably a winner.

What do you think? And, if you’re willing, let me see you Harlem Shake!


What do you think?

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