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Whether it’s a little workplace fun, a big Patriots game, or even a personal challenge, I’m as competitive as they come.

Growing up playing sports, I’ve always been this way. I think that competitive spirit plays a large role in how much I love my job and our industry.

It’s the nature of our business that lends itself to the habit of keeping up with industry trends and new ideas. We can tip our hat when another agency does something brilliant, but internally it fuels the fire. It’s fun to see what other agencies are bringing to the table, and then analyzing how we can make our next move that much better.

Two of my most favorite pieces from another agency happened within the past few months.

On a national level, Oreo’s move in February takes the cake… or cookie, if you will. Companies spend millions for Super Bowl commercial spots, but this year’s best ad was actually a tweet that the company didn’t pay a dime to send out. During the blackout that stopped the game for 34 minutes, Oreo’s ad agency, 360i, jumped at the opportunity and swung the situation to work out entirely in their favor.

They posted a tweet from their account, @Oreo: “Power out? No problem.” Accompanied by a photo with an Oreo and a glass of milk in the dark, with the line “You can still dunk in the dark.” Their quick reaction coupled with a clever line hit home and became one of the most talked about Super Bowl moments.

360i showed off their ability to think on their feet once again when Kit Kat challenged “Milk’s favorite cookie” to a Tic Tac Toe battle for a fan’s affection. Twitter user @laura_ellenxx tweeted about liking both brands. Kit Kat responded two days later from their account, @Kitkat: “The fight for @laura_ellenxx’s affection is on. @oreo, your move. #haveabreak” accompanied with a photo of a tic tac toe board, an “x” in the middle square fashioned from the breakable treats. (Kudos, Kit Kat, for this. Great move, considering your opponent lends itself perfectly to as the “o” here.)

Oreo's Superbowl Tweet

Oreo’s Superbowl Tweet

Rather than engage in a battle they might lose, Oreo came back with a quick and witty reply that managed to make them look fabulous, while complimenting the competitor.

“Sorry, @kitkat we couldn’t resist… #giveoreoabreak” The photo attached was the same board, with a large bite missing from the Kit Kat “x.”

These fast thinking replies take situations that could be negative and make sure that Oreo comes out looking like a winner.

Our industry is all about coming up with innovative ideas — constantly evolving with the ebb and flow of the marketing tide. Without a little healthy competition to continually raise the bar, we’d all run the risk of becoming stagnant, stuck in a creative limbo where there are no original ideas. At Mottis, we pride ourselves on being able to identify and also create some truly fantastic work, without ever accepting anything as “good enough.” We’re always pushing to come up with ideas that push that bar higher and make ourselves better, so that our clients, too, will always come out looking like a winner.


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