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How Work/Life Energy Turns People into Ninjas

Written By:Mariryan

“Epic Ass-Saver,” that’s what adorns the first ever President's Award for Mottis Associate Art Director, Brad Crowell.

It may not be poetic, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Awarded quarterly at Mottis, the President’s Award winner is selected among nominations from his/her peers. It’s part of how we give a nod to work/life energy in practice here and celebrate employees for bringing the Mottis vision to life and exceeding expectations.

In this case, the stories told about Brad’s heroic saves over the quarter were staggering. Creating a newspaper insert (a really good one too) in 5 hours? Taking an ad from concept to final files in one day? It’s no lie. How does he do it? While we were celebrating his accomplishments, I also wanted to learn from him and figure out his secret recipe. Are there special art ninjas in his computer?

When I talked to Brad and read through all the great things people were saying about him, I realized it was Brad’s calm approach and connection with his work that made the difference. “I step back, take a breath, clear my mind and focus in on the work. Stressing and worrying slows me down. You know it’s coming, you accept it and engage with it, let your passion drive you, not the stress,” Brad explains. Despite all the anxious team members who came at him with their hair on fire with client requests, he found a rhythm and a calm in the work that allowed him to quickly tap into his creative abilities and execute flawlessly without stress or the burden of a time crunch. It all came together in a perfectly choreographed effort, which in turn calmed the team and client.

President's Award winner and Mottis Associate Art Director, Brad Crowell, channeling his inner ninja!

President’s Award winner and Mottis Associate Art Director, Brad Crowell, channeling his inner ninja!

He was in “flow” as they say, harnessing all his abilities without limit or the pressure to perform. And because Brad brought this unique approach to these high-pressure situations, everyone who came in contact with him benefitted and in turn could face their own work and goals with renewed energy.

And that’s how he got the title, and the first ever President’s (aka “Mo-Getter”) Award. He saved his teammates and our clients in the eleventh hour, he made it look easy and he required no ninjas to do it. “You can’t work stressed out,” he says. “It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time these situations pop up. You go all in and great things happen.”


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