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I Heart Morrisville

Written By:Melinda Walker

Mottis won’t be stealing NYC’s slogan anytime soon, but we have been spending our time thinking about community brands.

You may not think about it, but the community you’re sitting in right now has a brand. Maybe it’s well-thought out and executed. Maybe it just evolved over time, by accident. Portland: beards, bikes and crafting rich user experiences. Silicon Valley: innovation, creativity and the hub of all things dot-com. Boston: Beantown, history and baseball fanatics.

At Mottis, we’ve been working with the Town of Morrisville to hone in on their brand, what makes their community unique. We’re still in our research phase so stay tuned for the big reveal, but as we’ve talked to various residents we keep getting this rather important question:

Why do cities and towns need brands?

Well, communities are selling themselves the same way a company is selling a product. Towns have customers too, but they call them by different names: residents, businesses, tourists. And they have competition. Sometimes it’s the town that borders their own, sometimes it’s a place halfway around the world threatening to lure away a manufacturing plant.

Having a clear message and identity goes a long way in ensure a community positions itself for success.

Town of Morrisville

No research would be complete without a trip to Town Hall!

A well-articulated branding strategy can help communities understand what industries and types of investment it’s trying to attract, and what kinds of people and markets it should be focused on. A strong brand can create a sense of pride in the community, attract and retain residents, lure businesses to the area, and stimulate demand for local goods and services.

It makes me want craft beer from Portland, my website created in Silicon Valley and my baseball from Boston.

What do you crave from your favorite city?


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