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Inspired. To Be or Not to Be.

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I think we all struggle with the lack of inspiration from time to time. The totally-flat-can’t-do-it-don’t-know-where-the-next-idea-is-going-to-come-from feeling.

It’s horrible and daunting. You search and you search and still nothing. Then BAM! Inspiration! It hits you like a ton of bricks—a song, a picture, even a conversation can bring the emotion you so desperately need to snap you out of the depths of uninspired despair.

Being uninspired isn’t a bad thing though. You need it. It’s necessary. One cannot feel the awesomeness of true inspiration without it. You have to know and understand both sides of the coin to truly be creative.

For me, being truly inspired feels like being 10,000 miles high with the wind at your back and nothing to keep you from falling. It is a feeling of complete free unyielding creative thought. Like you could pursue any avenue or thought and each would lead to endless possibilities.

That’s why #TheInspiredLife is so awesome! It’s giving people a platform to express their inspiration and a reason to think about it – to allow “inspiration” to be at the forefront of their mind for thirty days. It’s a beautiful thing!

#TheIndspiredLife 30 Days of Inspiration

#TheIndspiredLife 30 Days of Inspiration

So, join us in living #TheInspiredLife and see what inspires you. It’s not too late! You can learn more about our campaign here. And remember, for the first 100 participants in our 30-day challenge, we’ll donate $5 for each participant to the Durham Art Guild and Student U to support their Creative Mentorship Program.


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