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Instagram for both pleasure and business

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I’m a little addicted to Instagram. I love seeing snapshots of my friends’ lives as they’re living it in the moment. It gives me a feeling of connection with them - everything is so personal and intimate.

Even though I created my Instagram account to share photos of my kids and to see what my friends are up to, there seems to be potential for businesses to use it to showcase the organization’s culture. Instagram creates a point of connection with its fans, constituents and supporters.

But how do you really turn it into something meaningful for your business?

Our social media team has been experimenting with our Instagram account, and our goal has been to captivate the culture and personality of our office. We enjoy displaying the work we do and the amazing talent we have at Mottis.

The team has also been exploring how to use hashtags to boost our visibility. Webstagram has been a great resource for us to discover hashtags that are trending and then include those hashtags when we post our photos. We also go back to our posts from the past and add hashtags to them; this brings our images back to the top of people’s news feeds on the app, which gives us more face-time with the our audience.

Mottis Instagram Posts

Mottis Instagram Collage

The overarching goal for any social media channel for a business is to reach the most amount of people to establish brand recognition. Using popular hashtags will help get your business in front of new people, and if your photos are intriguing, they will follow you. Use resources like Websatgram to research popular hashtags that other organizations in your industry are using, and hopefully they will spread the word about you to their networks. That’s how social media works, right?

Let us know how we’re doing on our Instagram account. Try searching #agencylife the next time you hop on your Instagram – hopefully our photos will show up in your search because we’re #awesome. Any tags we should consider using? Want to art direct a shot for us? Let us know!

Feature Image | Pinterest vs. Instagram | Braid Creative and Consulting
Post Image | Mottis Instagram Collage | Created by Insta-Header.com


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We’re all about having a conversation. Not as much the psychology or big-word-jargon other agencies throw around. So let us know what you think of our post, whether you love it, or hate it. We can take it. Just keep it clean, so we don’t frighten the kids.

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