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Written By:Mariryan

I have to admit: Getting entrenched in social media has been a slow process for me.

No sooner do I get comfortable with using it in one facet to share tid bits about my life and kids, than I am pushing to weave it into marketing practice everyday and I am resistant. I am taking on a pouty two-year-old stance about it…I don’t waaaannnnaaa.

It’s time to get over it.

I know I am not alone in my hesitance. It’s like the Wild West out there. What are the rules? What is acceptable? What isn’t? Clients in business-to-business marketing are especially sharing my trepidation. Well, it’s time to form a support group, because it’s happening.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by some very wise social media gurus who happily talk me out of a tree when needed. I have also had the opportunity to dive deeper into research. So when your boss asks, “Why should we invest marketing budget in social media?” Take a glance at the data below and you can convince them… and yourself. Acceptance is the first step. Here’s what you should know:

    1. Nine out of 10 companies start the purchase process with branded search and social media dramatically improves your search results.
    2. Three quarters of B2B technology buyers said they use social media at some point in the buying process to gather information to discuss with colleagues.

The Social Atom

  1. B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those who do not. (See? I am already pushing through and accepting this need. So can you).
  2. Peers are no longer the most influential information source when buyers are researching solutions. Solution provider websites, contacts and online communities top the list. Social media outranks peers, colleagues and trade shows.

So come along on this journey with me – the road to accepting what is happening, without toddler tantrums in protest. It’s time to get over it. I will meet you by the stale donuts and coffee at our next meeting.

Sources: ITSMA, How B2B Buyers Consume Information, 2011, Hubspot, Social Media Examiner
Feature Image: Editorial Illustrations for Fast Co. | The Social Media Road Map


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