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For many of us here at Mottis, file folders are an absolutely indispensible part of our workday. Those thick multi-colored paper folders with the tabs on top may not be the most cutting-edge office tool that we use, but they help us keep paperwork gathered into neat little bundles instead of letting it roam freely about our desks–one small but important task that helps keep us sane in the midst of a busy day.

However, I have an issue with the File Folder Gods That Be, and it is time to let it out. The Tab. All it wants to do is make your life easier, to poke it’s little head out of the bunch bravely holding up that carefully crafted name you placed upon it to help you quickly find that one specific folder amidst all its identical brother and sisters.

And yet it has been crippled by the careless Gods That Be who package the folders in a slipshod bundle where all the right tabs rest together, then all the center tabs, then all the left tabs. So, as you work your way through the stack you end up with a row of folders that align perfectly behind each other, so only the front tab is visible. Which completely defeats the entire purpose of the tab.

You can of course reorganize them yourself when you open a new box, pulling apart the bunch and re-stacking them so they now lie right, center, left, right, center, left, etc. (Yes, I have done this. Not one of my more easy-going moments). But wouldn’t it be easier if the File Folder Gods had done that for you? It really amazes me that they haven’t, mostly because it just seems like good customer service.

The gifts from the File Folder Gods

Gifts from the File Folder Gods

There are two questions every business should ask:
1. How is our customer/client going to use our product?
2. How can we make it easier/more effective for them to use?

Ask those questions early, and ask them often. You may have been doing things a certain way–and doing them just fine–for years, but your customers’ and clients’ world is constantly changing. Maybe the machinery to pre-sort the folders was too expensive years ago, but is much more affordable now. Maybe the service you provide has been working great–until that new app came along that can do it faster and cheaper. Asking these two very simple questions might just spark an idea that improves your customer’s experience. And when that idea comes along, run with it as fast as you can–before someone else does.


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