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March Madness: Uniting Co-workers Across the Nation

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First I would like to say how ecstatic I am to be back in my home state of North Carolina, and especially this time of year.

Growing up on Tobacco Road (Go Heels!), college basketball is not just another sport, it’s a lifestyle. Right now workers across the country are researching stats, crunching numbers and calling their ESPN-addicted brother in order to fill out their March Madness brackets. And few things bring co-workers together like a good, old-fashioned office pool. But does March Madness negatively affect productivity within the workplace?

I am of the opinion that March Madness provides an opportunity for employees to bond. Nothing says “team-building” like a little friendly competition. You don’t have to be a genius to know that a happy office is a more productive office. I’ve been asked in job interviews who my favorite team is. There’s even a business class at the University of Cincinnati called “Bracketology”. I’m not joking — look it up!

Barack Obama with his Presidential Bracket

Barack Obama with his Presidential Bracket

Office Team, a leading staffing service specializing in the placement of administrative professionals, recently surveyed over 1,000 managers regarding the affect of March Madness activities on the workplace. One out of five felt it boosted productivity and morale, and 75% said the NCAA tourney has no impact on productivity. So by my math, that means only a meager 5% thought it has a negative affect on productivity. If you’re wondering why your boss has his or her office door closed this week, odds are they are filling out their bracket and not on a conference call.

So whether you’re a CEO of a large corporation, or just an owner of a small business, if you want to see your profits increase in the beginning of the Spring — hire college basketball fans.


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