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Meals Per Hour
- A Triple Threat

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Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive storm of 2012.

Parts of the New England coastline were decimated, and to this day some areas are still working to clean up the mess. On top of the mess, there are still families that go without proper meals almost nine months later.

Enter George from Metro Food Distribution. He has been working tirelessly with the Food Bank For New York City to bring families in the Rockaways area meals everyday. George partnered up with Toyota to help streamline the process of packing the meals in boxes and delivering them to the families – prompting them to make a video about their partnership.

This video is a triple threat.

First and foremost, the video identifies a problem most people thought had been solved. The fact that there are families still displaced and hungry from Hurricane Sandy is news to me and probably a lot of other people. The video helps identify the players involved in trying to solve the problem and brings the issue to light so that it can be shared. Hopefully the video will gain enough attention to rally people across the nation to help.

The second part of this video is self-promotional. Toyota is showing viewers that not only they care enough about this cause to donate time and money to it, but they want to essentially teach the non-profit “how to fish”. Toyota teaches George and his volunteers how to manage their process more efficiently by using TPS, Toyota Production System. This system is used at Toyota and can be used in multiple scenarios, not just manufacturing vehicles.

The third component of the video is the participation aspect. There is a call to action for viewers. For every view the video gets, the car maker will donate one meal to the cause (up to 1 million meals). This is huge! Just by watching the video, viewers have encouraged Toyota to donate, they have educated themselves on efficient production process and become aware of non-profits that could need their help someday.

This video is simple, enlightening and smart. Take six and a half minutes to watch and learn, not only how to potentially help, but how companies can marry smart marketing and charitable actions into one awesome video.


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