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Kelly MarCom CEO Tapped as Communications Expert by University of Arizona

Shelley Kelly, CEO of Kelly MarCom, an integrated branding and advertising agency, was recently invited to the University of Arizona to participate on a panel of design professionals reviewing second-year architecture students. During the mid-semester reviews, while other panel participants provided technical, material, structural and design related feedback, Kelly offered feedback on the students’ communication and presentation skills.

“Shelley’s expert advice benefited the students immediately,” said professor Virginia San Fratello. “The students were able to pick up on her comments and suggestions and apply them at once. As the review progressed, each student’s presentation was more improved than the one before.”

University of Arizona

Kelly is committed to supporting educational and training opportunities to grow creative talent and is a regular mentor of college students. She has also presented lectures at several college-level classes in the past year at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Campbell University and Central Carolina Community College. Kelly also mentors NC State University communications students.

“My goal as a member of this panel was to empower the students to more effectively communicate and influence an audience to embrace their concepts, which can be complicated to present,” says Kelly. “I have been fortunate to be able to support universities by presenting to classes, and it was a wonderful experience for me to visit Arizona and share my advice with students there.”

“It was refreshing to have an outside opinion from someone not focused solely on designing technicalities, but able to make comments purely from a communication standpoint,” says Rachel Tivnan, a student in the class. “Shelley was also easily approachable and gave constructive, specific feedback to each person as well as more global feedback to our group as a whole.”