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Kelly MarCom Designers’ Work Chosen by AIGA Raleigh

Kelly MarCom, an integrated branding and advertising agency, today announed graphic designers Jessica Duensing and Jessica Padgett were selected as winners of the AIGA Raleigh chapter’s “re|THINK” poster competition. The competition asked designers to create a poster that inspires Carolinians to care about and protect the environment.

Duensing, in collaboration with Alex Liollio of The Catevo Group, designed “Afterlife.” The poster encourages reuse of paper by proclaiming, “This poster has an afterlife” and creatively showcases a multitude of ways the poster could be re-purposed, such as a book cover or tote bag.

Padgett designed “Stencil,” which plays on the idea that the poster competition itself could be more environmentally friendly. Padgett created a stencil rather than a poster with the concept that it could be spray painted onto previously used paper such as old posters, rather than printing a design onto a new poster.

"Afterlife" (left), "Stencil" (right)

“Kelly MarCom encourages our team to be involved in industry organizations outside of the office and we are proud of our designers for taking the initiative to be involved in this campaign,” said creative director Bryan Flynn. “They are extremely devoted to the pursuit of good design, both in the office for our clients and in our communities.”

The re|THINK Judges selected twenty posters for printing out of nearly 150 entries. The posters will be exhibited at the Designbox Gallery in Raleigh, N.C., during the month of April.