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Kelly MarCom recognized for tradeshow exhibition design and promotion

The MarCom Awards recognized Sensus and strategic partner Kelly MarCom for projects surrounding the 2011 AWWA tradeshow. Sensus, a leading utility infrastructure company offering smart meters, communication systems, software and services for the electric, gas and water industries, attends the show each year and tasked Kelly MarCom with creating a vibrant presence in 2011.

Kelly MarCom integrated Sensus’ strategic direction into the tradeshow display highlighting Sensus’ brand standards and utilizing key differentiators of the new AquaSense intelligent water measurement platform. The display was composed of four-sided columns, including flat-screen televisions broadcasting videos the agency wrote and produced, a clean white look with blue and green accents, and bold photography of AquaSense’s potential implementation points. The photography and the simple design sought focus on how the technology reaches the home and the consumer, rather than simply focusing on the technology. The tradeshow display was awarded a Gold MarCom Award.

“The AWWA show is a cornerstone of our marketing efforts each year so it was important that our presence stood out against our competitors,” said Susan Forsgard, manager of marketing communications for Sensus. “Kelly MarCom helped us develop initial AquaSense messaging so their involvement in creating the system’s physical presence was a must.”

Sensus Tradeshow Booth

Prior to the show, Kelly MarCom designed a number of promotional pieces. Invitations were sent to a list of potential customers and a select list of high-level contacts received the Strategic Customer Mailer. The self-contained package held a book on the future of water conservation, an invitation to the booth, and a link to download a presentation on water sustainability. The author signed each book and the PowerPoint presentation was available for individuals to customize for educational programs within their organization. The Strategic Customer Campaign was named a MarCom Award Honorable Mention.

“The success of the projects represents a creative and strategic partnership between the agency and Sensus,” said Dean Logan, Kelly MarCom’s creative director. “The tradeshow display and supporting materials are a visual representation of Sensus’ commitment to green, sustainable solutions.”