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Mottis Makes Big Moves

Usually when we're talking about what moves us, we're thinking about inspiration and creativity. This time, it's a little more literal.

At Mottis, we pride ourselves on pushing our clients beyond their comfort zone and into new territories. So it seems only right that we should find ourselves in a new territory all our own: downtown Raleigh, to be exact.

Our decision to move from our longtime home in Sanford to the Glenwood South area of downtown Raleigh did not come easy. The idea was uncomfortable. Scary. Exciting. Difficult. Exhilarating. But we knew it was the right decision for us.

Sanford didn’t quite fit us anymore. We were spending our days on the road, meeting with clients all over the Triangle. We are a team that craves action, and wants to be on the pulse of the industry, and Sanford wasn’t delivering the energy we desired.

Downtown Raleigh

Follow us as we discover our new headquarters: #mottismoves

So now we’re in a location that pumps us with the kind of zeal that feeds our creative minds. That provides us easy access to our clients. That delivers exciting restaurant choices and fuels our caffeine habits – all within walking distance.

We’re going to continue to push our clients – and ourselves – beyond our comfort zone. But now we get to do it from a snazzy new address.

1111 Haynes Street
Suite 107
Raleigh, NC 27604