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Toni Chester takes her shot, Mottis hires graphic designer

She doesn’t leave home without a camera, usually a vintage Polaroid model, because the world presents itself to Toni Chester in bright and shifting images. As a graphic designer, she takes these shapes and colors, these collages that form in her head or on the horizon, and makes them tell a story. She develops brands, designs ads, manages online projects and supports the account service teams in strategic brainstorming, but inevitably she helps tell a story.

“Toni brings us a fresh perspective, a designer with contemporary style,” said Dean Logan, Mottis creative director. “In her recent past, she has proven she can take a concept, a thought, and make it a reality. That being the true mark of a graphic designer.”

Toni graduated from the NC State University’s College of Design where she worked as a designer for the school’s literary and visual publication, Windhover. She has contributed environmental designs and assisted in curating an exhibition for Hip Hop Haven, a Raleigh based non-profit. Post-degree she worked as a freelance graphic designer and continued adding young, creative spice to projects within different industries. This spice now flavors Kelly MarCom.

Toni Chester

“An environment like Kelly MarCom allows you to explore impactful ideas,” said Toni. “This is a chance to apply my eye for aesthetics to solve business issues.”

Toni comes to Kelly MarCom from a small town where pictures are composed of spruce and pine covered hills, and mountains in the distance. At school, the photos of her setting were then colored brick and cityscape. Now, she’s making images and ideas work for her in a new setting. In the picturesque studio of Kelly MarCom’s historic Coke building, she’s creating a backdrop for businesses and products. Today, Toni is directing the scenes. She is composing the images.

Toni Chester is taking her shot.