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Rebranding: Go Bold

Written By:Shelley

Several months ago our executive team examined our business priorities and messaging for future planning, as we do on a regular basis. Nearing the end of the process, it became clear to me that we needed a bigger outward-facing change. The visual elements of our brand had evolved quite a bit over the years and so had our potential. So, after 15 successful years in business, the name just didn’t fit anymore.

Today, we are a mid-sized marketing and design consultancy supporting the success of international brands by helping them connect with people. We consult with businesses about shaping their brands to propel them forward in engaging and authentic ways. Sometimes this requires renaming, re-branding, new messaging, new visuals, tone and other elements of the brand that create the right platform to support each unique business in its journey. Why shouldn’t we do this for ourselves? How dare we teach others about brand authenticity and differentiation without applying our brand practice to ourselves!

So, we did. We recognized that as we’ve grown, so has our model, our services, expertise, messaging, space and identity year after year. We are a very different company now than we were in 1996 when we named our company Kelly MarCom. Today, business demands change, adaptability and action – all with the ultimate goal of connecting with people – better and faster. This way of working is not going to change and, in fact, will only gain in importance in how businesses must operate in the future. This requires movement, motion and energy – all concepts near and dear to our culture and core in our values as a group. All of this, we felt, deserved the right name.

Mid-year, 2010, we began the process of exploring new names for our company. I was “the client” and our internal design and account service teams worked with me as they have many times over with our clients on this type of project. I am a tough client and we challenged each other throughout every step. It was so much fun!

Mottis deck

Brand study

The exploration was thorough. We considered hundreds of names, word types, meaning categories and themes to help distill to our top ten. Simplicity was key. A single word perhaps – the shorter, the better. Something original – something people hadn’t seen before would be amazing, but also very difficult to do.

The hundreds of names were narrowed to ten, and then to three. It was decision time, which was not easy, but once the choice was made, it felt great. The name, Mottis, was absolutely perfect for our company in so many ways.

It is original, a non-word, inspired by words like motion, movement and motivation that play nicely into the ethos of this company. The execution of the identity feels universal, unbound and open to possibilities. Orange is bright, bold and unapologetic. The space renovation was amazing, and, well, another blog topic for another day.

It’s been a long, exciting journey, and worth every minute. I’m proud of the work of our team and the history of this company, and anticipate the continued success Mottis will bring. The Kelly MarCom name has worked hard for us for 15 years, so Mottis has some pretty big shoes to fill, but I think it’s up for the challenge.

If you would like to tour our newly renovated space, let us know. And, if you’re interested in finding a better way to connect with people, now you know how to find us.


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