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At Mottis, we take pride in our ability to tell stories. We have one of the best copywriters in the biz, as well as some pretty creative thinkers. So, storytelling is second nature to us. We have grown accustomed to crafting stories as a way to successfully deliver our client's messages in ways that aren't "tired," "cliched."

When I came across Qwikstory, I was very intrigued. (Especially by the Harry Potter-esque owl in their logo).

The art of story telling is as old as dirt, so to give it a modern social media flavor seemed a little sacrilegious, but Qwikstory is about collaborating and sharing creativity. The idea quickly became acceptable and exciting to me.

The basic idea behind Qwikstory is that a story’s creator has 1,000 characters to begin a tale. Then the story is left open to additions. The creator has free reign to accept or reject any submitted additions but cannot add on to his own story until someone else does. Mashable called it a “giant game of telephone.” I call it just plain fun.

Companies could use this tool as a way for all its employees to collaboratively tell their company’s story. Every employee gets a say in what’s important to them about the history of the company they work for. And maybe if it’s your third day on the job, your “hire date” will be the most important. This tool could be used as a team-, pride- or ownership-building activity that would show the owners of the company what is important to the employees.

Storytelling can be inspirational. Allowing your employees the freedom and ownership to help tell the story of your company could motivate employees and allow them to tell the story of your success. And that’s always a good story to tell.


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