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The Super Bowl is coming. It’ll be here Sunday, and I’ll be watching.

I might pay attention to the game. Really, I might. (Wait, who is playing, again? Just kidding.) The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers will face off in the country’s most televised event of the year. Last year’s Super Bowl brought in a record-breaking 111.3 million viewers and this year’s game stands to bring in even more.

Whether you’re a seasoned football fan or just a channel hopper, The Super Bowl is more than just an annual opportunity to eat chips and salsa, brush up on your Roman numerals and watch America’s favorite game. Here is what I’ll be watching for.

1. Battle of the Brothers. Super Bowl 47 will be a battle between brothers. The Harbaugh brothers, Jim of the Niners and John of the Ravens, are both head coaches who will show America a real sibling showdown, NFL style. Wouldn’t you hate to be their parents? Let’s just refrain from using those weird hybrid nicknames like the Har-Bowl, the Bro Bowl and the Super Baugh.

2. Halftime Hoopla. This year, Beyonce joins a long list of celebrity headliners such as Madonna, U2 and Paul McCartney at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show. But will Bey lipsync her performance like she did for the presidential inauguration earlier this month? It could stand to be more memorable than Janet Jackson’s nip slip, just saying.

3. The Commercial Craze. If this is your favorite part of the Super Bowl festivities, you can get a head start. Many advertisers are showcasing their spots on YouTube to garner more views before the big game, while others are holding out for the Wow! factor, according to Mashable. Because I don’t want to be locked out of work on Monday for missing a commercial break, I’ll be paying close attention and following the commentary online. Both Ad Age and Adweek.

In fact, Mottis will be live-tweeting coverage of the best spots during the game. Follow along at @WeAreMottis, and may the best team win! (Or no team, if you’re still mad and sad that the Patriots are out, like our very own Laney.)


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