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Written By:Shelley

The future of Brightwater is looking bright.

I recently learned that Central Carolina Community College began construction on a new building in Harnett County’s Brightwater Park.

In 2007, Mottis worked with the Economic Development Commission in Harnett County to establish the name, identity system and messaging platform for Brightwater Park, which, at the time, was envisioned to include a medical plaza, an education community, a science and technology campus and a shopping district.

Today, nestled in the growing medical corridor of Harnett County, on Highway 401, the Brightwater vision is being realized. Just last week, local officials broke ground on CCCC’s 50,200-square-foot, state-of-the-art Health Sci­ences Building, slated to open in the summer of 2013. The location is within sight of the new Harnett Health System’s Central Campus Hospital which is slated to be complete in January 2013.

Just down the road within the medical corridor, the First Choice Community Health Center, East Carolina School of Dentistry’s training center and Campbell University’s Osteopathic Medical Building are being built in the same area. Harnett County? Really?

Harnett Health System Hospital

Harnett Health System Hospital

HHSH Construction

Harnett Health System Hospital under construction


Harnett Health System Hospital under construction

In just five years, and in a recession no less, things are happening there. Things are changing. In a rural area of North Carolina, someone had a vision. Someone convinced others it was a good vision. A group of people stuck to their vision and now jobs are being created in this unexpected place.

Projected for the future of the development is retail shopping, a coffee shop, medical practices, medical service businesses, senior living facilities and other retail possibilities.

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