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Vine versus
Instagram video: Which do you use?

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Video is the newest social media craze which users share clips more frequently across multiple social mediums.

Instagram released a new feature to their application two weeks back enabling users to record and share videos on their accounts. Many are excited about this new feature, but Vine has been taking a hit to Instagram’s new release in an unfortunate way. Released in January and once the top-dog in video sharing, Vine’s shares started dropping the day Instagram announced their new feature.

What are the main differences between Vine and Instagram video?

13 filters designed to alter the video that users record
15 seconds of video
Editing capabilities
Cinema Mode for stabilization

Six seconds of video with looping capabilites
Simple interface
No forced sharing
Embedding option
Fast load time

Instagram versus Vine

Instagram versus Vine

When comparing the two, it seems as though Instagram video would be geared to users who enjoy editing and filtering their videos, whereas Vine would be targeted to people who thoroughly enjoy videoing just to video. Plain and simple.

Battles between social platforms are never-ending. Facebook and Twitter are constantly trying to take the upperhand, such as Facebook’s new adoption for hashtags. Facebook will always have a broader range of sharing content, while Twitter displays content in a short and sweet manner. Both qualities make each platform functional and rewarding in their own way.

The battle between Instagram video and Vine is more about their uses, not which one is better for videoing in general. Instagram allows its users to embrace and capture their lives through images and video, and edit them through filters. But on the other hand, the animated GIF appeal of Vine may remain most popular among users who want to capture quick mini-moments of their lives.

So the question remains: Which do you choose? Instagram, Vine or both? Share your opinion below.

Feature Image | Instagram verus Vine
Post Image | Instagram VS. Vine


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