We Are

We call ourselves Mottis.

This is a name we created that we believe uniquely expresses who and what we are. And where we’re going.Right Arrow

We think success is a reflection of adaptability. Transforming into what our clients need us to be. Not us shoe-horning them, and their work, into a narrow definition. The lines blur too quickly these days to bother with that.Right Arrow

Mottis is motion.

It’s energy with direction. Progression with purpose. An unapologetic rejection of the tired, the cliched and the expected. We are Mottis. Right Arrow

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Shelley Kelly


Music is the soul of her days, the pulse, and at Mottis, Shelley conducts a song. Beginning in 1996, she’s built the place into something powerful, both in culture and substance, which breathes life into the ideas that help our clients reach their greatest potential. A graduate of N.C. State University, Shelley has been awarded Top 40 Under 40, Top Women in Business, and was named a national Stevie Award Finalist. Shelley sets the tone for this group of innovators and the music continues.


Mariryan Starr


Mariryan is a professional juggler. She will bag lunches for three little ones and manage a client project in China—all while this hemisphere sleeps. She does it all with a smile. At Mottis, she manages client relationships and leads internal mentoring programs. Mariryan guides the staff on client service, planning and career development. An N.C. State University graduate, she has no degree in juggling; she just picked that up after school.


Shari Becker

Director of Account Service

If it’s a board game it’s Risk, not Candyland, because when Shari does something she likes to think it through. This is what makes her an ally for clients — simply rolling the dice and hopping three squares forward doesn’t excite her. She wants to think, plan and make calculated moves so details fall into perfectly thought-out places. She graduated from N.C. State University, where she studied communication, and she received a Master’s in public relations from Boston University.


Melinda Walker

Account Manager

Melinda believes an idea is only good if you can make it happen. She puts this into practice everyday, moving big ideas into action. Previously, she served as communications director for a university-based think tank, where she often challenged academic conventions. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and earned a Master’s in media and public affairs from The George Washington University. Her husband, toddler and dog usually keep Melinda’s weekends occupied, but in her downtime you can find her drowning in possibilities on Pinterest.


Ross Ford

Account Executive

Ross has an extraordinary talent for brand development and is a natural big-picture thinker and research enthusiast. Ideation and left-field problem solving is his specialty as he aims to cover every angle to discover the best solution for our clients. An abstract artist with a Master’s degree in communication, Ross’ imagination harmonizes in our office of visionaries.