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Let the design games begin

Ever since my parents took me to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta as a kid, I’ve been a big… more +



I will watch infomercials for hours, sometimes stepping into the feminine realm of QVC, because I love stuff, lots of… more +


Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple

It was meant for everyone. There are a lot of answers on the pages of this book, as well as… more +


The look and feel of design & art direction

I loved to think. I loved coming up with the idea and the strategy behind the design. I loved identifying… more +


Ery, ery, urp… Remix

There is an epidemic sweeping the country and I'm not talking about everyone posting pictures of their car's digital thermometer on Facebook. more +

The Print Handbook

Proficiency in print processes is pressing

As the gaggles of swatch books and stacks of postcards, posters and packaging samples collect dust on our office shelves,… more +


A movie-styled trailer for a magazine?

A trailer of a movie communicates the most exciting, romantic, daring, scary or suspenseful moments of the film. The goal… more +


Typefaces on a dime

But I’m not an eight year old anymore and, because of that, it’s unfortunately no longer socially acceptable for me… more +


Find inspiration
in others’ dreams

One of my favorite sites to look for ideas is Kickstarter.com. If you’re late to the party, it’s a site… more +