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pantone inspiration

Pantone chips:
I could eat them up

Our orange, Pantone Orange 021, is unforgettable, revolutionary, lively and bold. It sets us apart, most noticeably from Kelly MarCom’s… more +


Rebranding: Go Bold

Today, we are a mid-sized marketing and design consultancy supporting the success of international brands by helping them connect with… more +


Open for business?

So everyone reaches a place where you feel like you are in your own version of Groundhog Day reliving your waking hours in the same way… more +


What are you trying to say?

As a communicator, I’m always intrigued by language and how people speak about themselves. It’s very interesting to hear what they choose to share. more +


Don’t let your public relations go the way of egg salad

Public relations take time and energy. It requires attention and organization to reveal the proper soul of a company. The efforts are cumulative and when proper time is taken there is never a lingering piece of shell. more +


Question: What is brand DNA?

Starbucks discovered its true DNA as “in the people business serving coffee” not “in the coffee business serving people.” more +


Worth a read

My favorite read lately is A New Brand World by Scott Bedbury. He talks about the importance of good brand stewards. more +

Work-Life Crossroads

Striking a healthy balance with technology

Americans seem to struggle a lot with balance – work-life balance, balancing an active lifestyle with the benefits of “downtime,” or balancing a healthy diet with the occasional indulgence in a piece of cake or glass of wine. more +