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What Moves You?

Written By:Shelley

At Mottis, we have an inspiration tunnel, sort of inspired by the Free Expression Tunnel at NCSU when I was a student there years ago.

In our office, the tunnel is a short, bright orange hallway that leads from our lounge into a large meeting space where we hold many of the creative sessions, client collaborations, staff meetings and other group initiatives within our walls.

In large print on the wall, you can read “What Moves You?” We invite our associates, family members, friends, clients, partners and guests to leave their mark at Mottis by sharing their personal motivations on our wall. What moves you? What inspires you? What drives you to give every day your best and to be the best “you” you can be?

One of my favorites is “Do it with passion, or don’t do it at all.” I was reminded of this one a couple of times in the past few days by people who have been living their passion for a very long time. I am a part-time vocalist with Huckleberry Blue, a country band, and had the honor of sharing the stage with the legendary Charlie Daniels this past Saturday. In an interview with WQDR on Friday, he said he would never stop performing because it is his passion. What he does. What he loves. His purpose. It never gets old and he will keep performing as long as he can. He recently had heart surgery, but you never would have known he was not feeling 100 percent when he took the stage Saturday night. Simply incredible, even at age 76!

Yesterday, Mary-Dell Chilton, age 75 and a scientist with Syngenta, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Triangle Business Journal at the 2013 Women in Business Awards. A pioneer in plant biology, Chilton has authored more than 100 scientific publications and received numerous international awards for her discoveries.

In her message, her most critical advice to the room full of business women was to follow their passion. It was inspiring to see this woman working in her lab smiling as she worked, living her passion for discovery and science. It was clear she is living her purpose and loving it.

The women at the luncheon were there to celebrate either their own “success” or the “success” of other women. So, what is success? Is it wealth or accumulation of things? Or, is it the number of awards you have won? Many of these women revealed their success was achieved by finding happiness in their day, in their work, every day. Doing what they do with passion and finding joy in it. I congratulate each of them and commend them for living their passion and finding success doing it.

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