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What’s pimento cheese?

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I’m from the Midwest, a meat-and-potatoes-kinda-girl, and was raised in a small town surrounded by cornfields and pig farms.

When I moved to the South about a year ago, the accents weren’t the only culture shock. The food was too.

One of the first restaurants I visited was a local café in the historic district of Sanford. The people were friendly and the menu was fantastic, although I had no idea what some of the items were. I was really craving a piece of home that day, a comfort food if you will. I went ahead and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, which prompted the waitress to ask if I wanted a pimento grilled cheese sandwich.

“Pimento cheese? What is pimento cheese?” My expression of curiosity struck the waitress, enough to cause her to ask me “Y’all from the North?”

Was it that obvious?

I had never heard of pimento cheese before. I knew pimentos were those little red peppers in the center of olives, but who would think to put those in cheese? Would it have been good? Should I have taken the chance and ordered something out of my meat-and-potatoes comfort zone?

Pimento Grilled Cheese

Pimento Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A chance I did take and ordered the pimento grilled cheese. The gooey cheese with a little “kick” has changed my life. If I hadn’t taken that risk I would be missing out on something wonderful for the rest of my southern life. I always order it when I have the opportunity.

This is how we work at Mottis – taking risks and trying new things, even if those risks are a little out of our comfort zone. If we don’t take risks we could miss out on something wonderful. Satisfying our clients is our main priority, and we will take that risk for you. We could be your next pimento grilled cheese sandwich.


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