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What’s scarier than sharing your budget with your agency? Not sharing it

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In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to focus this post on a topic that can be scary for a lot of clients: sharing budget details with an agency.

We get it. Clients are worried that if they give their agency too much information about what they have to spend, the agency will recommend a solution that spends it all. That’s a valid concern, but not sharing any budget parameters can result in a much more terrifying scenario: a proposal for a great solution that is way out of the client’s price range.

Think of it this way: not giving your agency budget information at the proposal and estimating stage is like asking a realtor to show you beautiful, top-quality homes without sharing your price range. Chances are your realtor will show you some amazing homes that would delight your family and meet all your needs, except one: the budget. You’ll be disappointed that you can’t afford one of the homes your family fell in love with, and you and your realtor will have to start all over with your budget in mind.

A topic that can be scary for a lot of clients: budgets!

Budgets can be a scary topic for a lot of clients.

So, what’s the best way to ensure you get a proposal that meets your budget when you also want the agency to consider the most economical options? At Mottis, we encourage our clients to give us a ballpark of what they would like to spend and/or a not-to-exceed budget.

When our clients talk to us openly about budget in kick-off meetings, we can help empower them with information to determine the best use of their dollars and resources. For example, if a client tells us their maximum budget and what they would like to spend, we can recommend several solutions at price points along that range. From there, the client can decide what makes the most sense based on their objectives, internal resources, timeline, audience and of course, budget.

That’s not so scary, is it?

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